Summer 2018

Dear All,

Welcome to the Summer news letter.

As you will all know we are well established and settled within our new home here at Tanyard Barn and we are sure you will agree with us this really is a wonderful setting for the children and staff alike.

We display a notice board in the glass Atrium (front of building) and all important notices for the Summer term 2018 will be posted here together with the signing in/out book.

However, if there is any aspect of Pre-School you are not sure of please ask any of the staff when you are here or contact us on the detail provided in the contact page.

All the children will have now met with their Key Person within the setting during the previous two terms and will have settled comfortably into school life. If this isnt the case or you are worried about any aspect please ask any of the team.

New Term dates and events will be updated below so please remember to make a note in your diary!
As the summer term draws to a close we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported the Pre-school over the past year as without your support the Pre-school wouldnt be the happy and exciting school we all enjoy today.

We would also likle to wish our leavers the very best for the future as they start their journey into various Infant schools.

Just a reminder if you are claiming any of the additional 15 hours funding support you must apply online at  The dated are constantly updated so please remember to check on line. If your child will be additionally claiming the 15 hours please ensure you have let Nicky know exactly what additional sessions you would like as we have a very busy year ahead and you may not get the extra sessions unless reserved well in advance.

Don't forget the setting is using digital learning journeys that detail the childrens development. One of the many benifits of this is the ability for you to view and access your childs learning progress from the comfort of your home. Full access details have already been shared with everyone concerned and a link is available on this web-site below.
If you haven't already logged in to this wonderful resourse please ask one of the staff for help or if you know your log-in click here.

Finally we would like to wish everyone a restful and relaxing summer break and look forward to welcoming you back in September.

Main Dates for your Diary

Thursday 12th July 2018  (School Sports Day)
Wednesday 18th July 2018  (Last Day at School and Party Day)
Thursday 19th July 2018 (Graduation Day) (Leavers only) 


1. How do I contact the Pre-School?

Our phone number is 01293 665091 or mobile 07948809246, this is the number we use for our text reminder service.
You can E Mail us via this web site (see contact page) or directly from your device at:

2. Do I still have to pay even when my child is on holiday or off sick?

Yes, and please notify the Pre-school of any holiday dates in advance.

Do I need to notify the Pre-school when my child is not attending their sessions? Yes you are required to phone or message in on their first day of absence and contact us again on day three if still absent. A record of absence is kept by the Pre-school in line with safeguarding duty of care and legislation applicable to claiming the free entitlement. We will contact you if we do not hear from you by day two.

3. How long do I have to keep my child of Pre-School after illness?

Please allow 48 hours from the last occurrence of sickness and upset tummy before returning to Pre-school. For other illness please follow G.P.’s guidelines and ask for advice. If your child has a temperature or is under the weather needing regular calpol type medication please keep them at home.

4. Does my child have to be toilet trained?

We encourage children attending the Pre-school to be toilet trained, but are happy to change the childrens nappies and pull ups while supporting toilet training. You will need to provide nappies and wipes for your child and spare clothes.

5. What happens if I am unable to collect my child?

If someone different other than nominated persons or people familiar to your child (and Pre-school staff) please let us know upon your arrival and note it in the signing in book, you must notify a staff member regardless of this,in person. Please ensure you telephone to let us know of any impromptu changes in collection and a code word must be given to the staff and person collecting.

6. How do you deal with disruptive behaviour?

The Pre-school uses positive reinforcement and role modelling with all children in accordance of our behavior policy to scaffold desirable behaviors and learning.

7. How secure are your Premises?

Our premises are completely secured and fenced in. The main front doors and garden gates are securely locked and all entrances are secured, supervised or locked at all times. All children and visitors must be signed in upon arrival for security purposes.

8. Who do I speak to if I have any concerns?

When your child joins the Pre-school they will be allocated a key worker, you can always speak to them in confidence. Alternatively Sam and Michelle are available most sessions.

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