As a setting we remained open since March 2020 to Key Worker and Vunerable children. When resistrictions were lifted we then opened to more children in line with the most current and up to date Government Guidelines.

Our hygiene procedures we have put in place are excellent!

From September 2020 we opened both of our settings to all children and have been operating inline with the most current and up to date Government Guidelines. Which are checked regualarly by managers and staff are always aware of any changes. 

Since working through the pandemic we have kept some of the procedures to help ensure the cleaning reguime within the setting is at it's highest at all times. 

Hygiene Procedures 

The following procedures are for both settings. 

The children wash their hands more regualarly throughout the day. They wash them upon arrival after changing their shoes, before eating, after they have been outside to play and of course after every time they use the toilet. 

When the children go to the toilet or wash their hands the toilets and sinks are cleaned between each child. If your child is in a nappy staff wear an apron, gloves and a mask to change them. 

Throughout the day touchpoints are cleaned regualarly and at the end of the day the toys are cleaned with a steamer and are on a rotation, so they do not come out more than once a week. Deep cleans happen once a halt term, which includes all carpets being cleaning. 

When the children sit at breakfast, snack and lunch time, the tables are cleaned before and after they have been used and the children use china cups and bowls at snack time and china plates at lunch time which can all be dishwashed after each use. 


Parent and Children Guidelines 

We have a COVID-19 Risk Assessment.

We also have COVID-19 Guidelines for parents and children, which are given to you when your child starts, or throughout the term if guidelines change. This requires you to sign and agree to our COVID terms and that you will adhere to them, such as if your child has a tempreature you will keep them off preschool and let us know and keep us informed with any informaiton. 

We have made the preschool a safe and secrue environment for the children to play and learn. The children have been amazing and follow the new procedures with ease. The staff feel happy and safe to come to work and provide the best care and educational opportunies for you children, in a time which has been uncertain. Maintaining that the welfare of the child is always paramount in everything that we do. 

If you have any questions about our new guidelines and procedures, please feel free to ask any member of staff. 


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