Spring Term 2024 

Dear All, 

Happy New Year, we hope you all had a wonderful Chritsmas break and enjoyed the time spent with families and friends. All of our staff would like to thank you for all of you lovely gifts we recieved it was very much appreciated. We are looking forward to a fabulous Spring Term, we have a great term planned. 

A very warm welcome, to all our staff, parents and children. 

We are looking forward to a wonderful term. This term is looking to be filled with lots of exciting things including New Year, Sprint Time, a Trip to the Theatre, Chinese New Year and much much more.

In the Autum term we had some exciting news that Strawson Hall had their Ofsted inspection and we are extremly proud and excited to annouce we have been awarded OUSTANDING IN ALL AREAS. If you would like to read the report please click here.

A little reminder we display a notice board in the glass Atrium (front of building at Tanyard Barn) and in the entrance corridor at Strawson Hall and all important notices for the Spring Term 2024 will be posted here together with the signing in/out book and snack list. Remember to look out for the whiteboard at the end of the session which explains what the children have done that session, thier snack and the book and song of the week. 

As always, if there is any aspect of Pre-School you are not sure of please ask any of the staff when you are here or contact us using the detail provided in the contact page on this website.

New term dates and events will be updated below so please remember to make a note in your diary and they will be in the newsletter which you will have been emailed. 

Just a reminder if you are claiming any of the additional 15 hours funding support you must apply online at www.childcarechoices.gov.uk  The dates are constantly updated so please remember to check on line. If your child will be additionally claiming the 15 hours please ensure you have let the managers know exactly what additional sessions you would like as we have a very busy term ahead and you may not get the extra sessions unless reserved well in advance.

Each child in the setting with have a key person and you meet with them each term to disscuss your child's progress, your key person is written in the front of your communication book, found in your child's book-bag. They will also introduce theirself to you and your child will have an opportunity to bring home their special tin for you to learn a few things about you key perosn. Please keep the tins for a couple of nights, if you need this over a weekend just let us know as some staff members have a few children the tin needs to be shared with.

In the setting we observe and asses the children in a range of different ways inlcuding observation books, memory files and photos. We also complete trackers and assessment files to ensure the staff know where the children are and what the children have achieved and what they are working on next to achive their next goal. 

We continue to keep our extremely high cleaning standards. If your child is unwell and you are unsure whether to send them, please ring and contact the pre-school. 

Finally we would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support and look forward to a wonderful Spring Term, filled with lots of events.  If there is anything you are unsure of please just ask any of the Staff as they will be only to pleased to help.

Main Dates for your Diary in Spring Term 2024

Newsletter to follow 

Some Dates to Remember - 

February Half term - Monday 12th - Friday 16th February 

Back to Pre-School - Monday 19th February 

Thursday 29th February - Theatre Trip to Peppa Pig 

Mothers Day Assembly - 1:45 on Friday 8th March 

Last Day of Term - Thursday 28th March 

Easter Holidays - Friday 29th March - Friday 12th April 

Back to Pre-School - Monday 15th April 

Tanyard Barn is closed for Polling - Thursday 2nd May 

Bank Holiday - Both Setting closed Monday 6th May 

May Half Term - Monday 27th May - 31st May 

Back to Pre-School - Monday 3rd June

Summer Holidays - Thursday 18th July is the last day of term. Friday 19th July will be Graduation Day for School Leavers Only!



1. How do I contact the Pre-School at either setting?

Our main phone number is 01293 665091 for both settings or mobile 07948809246 (Tanyard Barn) and 07305538704 (Strawson Hall), and these mobile numbers we use for our text reminder service.
You can E Mail us via this web site (see contact page) or directly from your device at: Info@horleycommunitypreschool.co.uk

2. Do I still have to pay even when my child is on holiday or off sick?

Yes, and please notify the Pre-school of any holiday dates in advance.

Do I need to notify the Pre-school when my child is not attending their sessions? Yes you are required to phone or message in on their first day of absence and contact us again on day three if still absent. A record of absence is kept by the Pre-school in line with safeguarding duty of care and legislation applicable to claiming the free entitlement. We will contact you if we do not hear from you by day two.

3. How long do I have to keep my child of Pre-School after illness?

Please allow 48 hours from the last occurrence of sickness and upset tummy before returning to Pre-school. For other illness please follow G.P.’s guidelines and ask for advice. If your child has a temperature or is under the weather needing regular calpol type medication please keep them at home.

4. Does my child have to be toilet trained?

We encourage children attending the Pre-school to be toilet trained, but are happy to change the childrens nappies and pull ups while supporting toilet training. You will need to provide nappies and wipes for your child and spare clothes.

5. What happens if I am unable to collect my child?

If someone different other than nominated persons or people familiar to your child (and Pre-school staff) please let us know upon your arrival and note it in the signing in book, you must notify a staff member regardless of this,in person. Please ensure you telephone to let us know of any impromptu changes in collection and a code word must be given to the staff and person collecting.

6. How do you deal with disruptive behaviour?

The Pre-school uses positive reinforcement and role modelling with all children in accordance of our behavior policy to scaffold desirable behaviors and learning.

7. How secure are your Premises?

Our premises are completely secured and fenced-in at both locations. The main front doors and garden gates are securely locked and all entrances are secured, supervised or locked at all times. All children and visitors must be signed in upon arrival for security purposes.

8. Who do I speak to if I have any concerns?

When your child joins the Pre-school they will be allocated a key worker, you can always speak to them in confidence. Alternatively Sam and Michelle are available most sessions.

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